Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 65 - Balclutha to Waipahi.

Last night I had Denise & Murray (friends from Taupo), stop by our motel for a catch up. They had just been to Stewart Island, and gave us a few tips on things to see and do, when we go over on Saturday. Really neat to catch up with them, glad they had the time!!!
I am also really looking forward to catching up with 2 of my best friends, Jessie and Haley, who are flying down from Wellington tonight to see me finish. I am really lucky to have such awesome friends, particularly as this is not a cheap trip for them.
Started walking at 8am this morning, and managed 46km by 430pm. I kept a steady 6km/ph pace all day (a bit slower than usual, but I am happy with that pace, considering how painful shin splints are!). Paul also managed to walk the final 15km with me - from Clinton to Waipahi.
Really windy today!! I enjoyed todays walk, as there were quite a few hills - makes the day interesting.
I got a few donations from passing cars (thanks to Brent, and Margaret's friend, Simon, from Wellington!).
Not too many cars on the road today which made a nice change. It was quite nice having moments of silence (aside from my ipod - I don't know how I managed for so long without it!! Thanks Mum!).
Walked on a section of the 'Presidential Highway', between (bill) Clinton and (al) Gore, will continue to walk this highway again tomorrow on my way through Gore - I will also have to stop for a picture of the sign!!
My cell phone was going non-stop today with texts from friends and family. Really encouraging to get so many positive texts!! It feels like I am on the home stretch in a marathon - entering the stadium and seeing the crowd there, cheering me on as I sprint to the finishing chute. I am able to enjoy the walk, and reflect on what I have acomplished thus far. I have 2 more big days of walking ahead (46km & 45km), before a rest day, and the final 35km into Bluff on Friday. I am looking to finish strong and finish well, despite VERY painful shins!!
Thanks once again for all the support - we are almost there!!!!!!

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