Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 64 - Clrendon to Balclutha. Day 65 - Rest Day.

Day 64:Walked 46km today. Dad, Paul, Ange and myself all met for breakfast at our hotel (Kingsgate) in Dunedin, before heading off to New World to pick up some lunch. We drove south of Dunedin to where I finished walking yesterday (almost at Waihola). A really hot day again. Within 10 minutes of walking I recieved phone calls from both TV 1 & TV 3 asking about my arrival in Bluff. Hopefully I will be contacted again in the next few days re: tv coverage of finish (really pleased I sent them emails, and wish I had of done it sooner!!!). As I approached Lake Waihola, I saw 2 kids waiting for me at the end of their driveway, with a glass of water (Thanks Sam & Erina!). I loved walking past lake Waihola, and hopefully dad took some good pics! Also came across a fence with 1000's of pairs of shoes attached. Made it to Milburn (7km out of Milton). Very flat road, was possible to see St. John's church in Milton, 8km down the road!! We all stopped for lunch at the church. Left Milton at 2pm with 22km 'til Balclutha. My Nana & Grandad caught up with us in their camper van, 10km out of Milton (they are going to follow us down to Bluff for the finish). Began raining at 3pm (ish) and didn't stop until 7pm. Got absolutley soaked (AGAIN - twice in 2 days). I enjoyed the walk from Milton to Balclutha - quite a few hills which made it interesting. Crossed the Clutha Suspension bridge into Balclutha, and was able to walk right to our accommodation (Highway Lodge Motel - thanks to our awesome hosts, Jean & Bryce). Thawed out in the shower, then went to dinner at the Balclutha Town & Country club.
Day 65:pretty cold here at the moment, and not too much to do in Balclutha, so enjoyed the opportunity to sleep in. Dad and I went out and got some breakfast while the others slept. Arrived back at the motel once everyone was awake. Paul, Dad, Nana, Grandad and myself drove out to Nugget point to check out the seals and lighthouse etc. We stopped of at Kaka point to go check out the beach and have an ice cream. Spent a bit of time soaking my feet in the surf, hopefully the salt will do them some good, as they are a bit swollen and purple. Came back into Balclutha and got some Subway for lunch. Thanks to Richard of Subway, Balclutha, for the free subs!! Not much planned for the afternoon. I am off to the supermarket to get some ingredients for dinner. Found a pretty neat church down the road also, so Paul & I are thinking of going to their eveining service later on.
Only 4 more walking days to go!!!

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Hello Emma,

Wow, what an achievement.
I just want to point you to a new website,
Great for finding accommodation and reading up on the towns you are going to.
Well done.